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Many people falsely believe that salespeople are either
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Real Estate is one of the most competitive sales environments in which to become a sales leader. Our tailored Real Estate training solutions are designed to make you stand out from the crowd and get those deals signed. Be it selling a house or large-scale development projects Brandeis has got you covered to maximise your results. With over 40 years of sales experience in Real Estate we can get you to master Real Estate sales with our courses.

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Why you Can’t Close the Client

Bad Training

Most realtors have had little to no strategic training and thus function purely off instinct resulting in sales process errors.

Wrong Language

The lexicon of language used by realtors puts people off of a sale but they do not know why.

Lack of Trust

Successful realtors understand that trust and relationship is everything when it comes to selling a house.

Let us teach you the

Brandeis Real Estate Training Solutions knows full well that a deal lives and dies based on the quality of training received by the realtor. There are many subtleties, strategies and methods by which a realtor my increase their closing rate, attract new clients and generate new client leads. We have fashioned this into a comprehensive training program which will see you at the top of the sales board each month and earning more commission than ever before.

Real Estate Sales Training

Our Clients Can Close

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I recently completed your Conversational Selling Program training sessions. Over the years I have attended many training seminars and rate your course as the best. I was concerned that it might be a waste of my time. When I went, about 75% of the material was new with good ideas that I could put into action. I feel that there is a lot of hype out there and programs that just aren’t realistic. This is realistic. Something you can sink your teeth into. Things that I can do on a continuous basis.

Carl D. Ward


Real Estate Sales Solutions


Training Package
Call Annually
  • Identify a Persons Learning Style
  • Neuro Linguistic Programing
  • Learning Eye Cues
  • How People Dress
  • Visual, Auditory, Kinestic
  • Addressing all Three Learning Styles


Training Package
Call Annually
  • Everything in Basic Package
  • 7 Keys To Success
  • Sales Process Overview
  • Sales Greetings
  • Questioning Skills
  • Creative Questions


Training Package
Call Annually
  • Everything in Advanced Package
  • Listening Skills
  • Reinforcing
  • Sequence Selling - Closing
  • Handling Customer Attitudes
  • Words that Buyers Use

Book a Sales Consultation

If digital sales training does not seem like the right thing for you, book a call with us and we can find something that suits or needs better. Be it onsite training or video sales coaching to advise on sales processes we have you covered.

Basics of Real Estate Selling

If selling real estate successfully was simply a matter of people finding a house they like and buying it there would be little need for realtors. Yet even in well established agencies, realtors struggle to close their deals despite having received in house training and knowing the classic estate agency lexicon. So why is this the case?

Its because they are missing the most fundamental part of selling high ticket items, such as houses, and that is trust. Trust is lost very quickly in the real estate business because of the approach people take to the sale of property. It is often done with badgering, not so subtle hints of other buyers and disinterest in the client’s preferences. All of these cause a potential buyer to rapidly lose the desire to purchase. However, cause is not the heart of the problem. Instead the heart of the problem lies in not focusing on the client from a very human perspective.

You can learn every trick, method or strategy under the sun and you will still lose the deal because you didn’t take the time to get to build a rapport with the client and in so did not build trust with them. It is small wonder that people are starting to buy more and more houses online where they can rely on their own assessments of the property instead of yours. But what if you really “get them”? Does that change the likelihood of a sale coming to fruition? Yes absolutely it does. Now they feel like they can trust you to advise them with their interests, desires and, most importantly, personal lifestyle needs in mind. Learn to build a trusting and genuine relationship with a potential client and you will never have to worry about the client going elsewhere.

"Selling is not something you do TO SOMEONE, it's something you do FOR SOMEONE"

Zig Ziglar

Want to know more?

Aside from our tailored training solution courses Brandeis Training Solutions also has a wide range of other group-based training solutions for you to take advantage of. We do live events, sales strategy blogs and will soon be launching additional online training solutions to further expand your mastery of the art of sales.

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